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Transition into Harmony

Crystal Singing Bowls Canada

We deal excusively with Crystal Tones in the US. We have learned to trust the consistent quality of their products. All bowls are manufactured in the US and the quality is carefully monitored.

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Crystal Singing Bowls Canada ships crystal singing bowls throughout Canada, the United States and all over the world.

It is our pleasure to help you manifest and find the bowl you are meant to have.

Don't forget, Source will, in the end, decide which bowl you really need. Any control we think we have is simply an illusion.

Personal Sessions

Transition into Harmony
The goal of any treatment is to help the client move towards a state of harmony.
What is "State of Harmony?"
  • Think about a crystal prism. When a white light passes through the prism, it is split into a spectrum of coloured light. This spectrum is balanced and if the processed were reversed, the spectrum would return to its state of harmony - balanced white light.
  • Our physical bodies provide the prism through which the white light of Source is split to become the energetic centres known as chakra. Each chakra reflects a colour of the spectrum and when all our chakra are in balance then we are in a state of harmony. We also become one with Source.
  • Sounds easy right? After all, this is the reason we entered this physical plane, to move our spiritual essence closer to the harmony of Source. Our physical presence merely provides us with the lessons and opportunities to allow us to move closer to the state of harmony.
  • Some of us are more aware of the lessons we are meant to learn on this physical plane than others. Some of us require a physical manifestation of the lesson in order to recognize it.
Ann helps you to understand the life lessons which manifest during your time on this physical plane and to raise yourself closer to a state of harmony.

Techniques and Tools used in Sessions
In order to provide the necessary frequencies, Ann uses many forms of Vibrational Therapy.
  • Crystal Singing Bowls are very effective diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Ann uses them to identify any blocked chakra and to open them to harmonization.
  • Frequency Analysis - Using the SoulSong Assesment, Ann will identify the frequencies needed to bring your energetic condition into balance and harmony throughout the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.
  • Reiki is a gentle method of conducting energy throughout your body.
  • Quantum Touch is an excellent technique for pain relief.
  • Psych-K uses muscle testing to help you reform your belief system into one which reflects the person you know you can be.

Personal Session with Ann

Set aside two hours for a personal session with Ann. Each session is intuitive and encompasses a variety of techniques as Ann will work with you and your guides about your needs.
Cost of a personal session with Ann - $200.00
  • Soul Coaching:
    • Soul Coaching is a series of sessions which involve the SoulSong Analysis and the SoulZipper. We use the SoulSong Analysis to help identify the locations of the soul lessons; we use the Crystal Singing Bowls to unzip the chakra and adjust the inner truths we learned as children; we incorporate the change into our lives with planned support.
    • Each personal session with Ann is usually 50 - 90 minutes long and encompasses a variety of techniques.
    • It is recommended that there be another session in approximately 21 days. It is important to recognize that change is a process which requires committment and time. To encourage the environment of "process", there is no charge for the sixth Soul Coaching session if it is completed within six months from the first session.
    • The laws of quantum energy provide for those who cannot physically be in the space. Skype, Facetime, Phone all allow us to connect on a non-physical level. As the non-physical subtle bodies are where we will be working, these are excellent alternatives.
Call to set up your appointment.

Call to set up your appointment.

(Mini) SoulZipper Meditation

Unzip your Chakra
  • Ann invites you to feel safe, accepted and loved unconditionally.
  • Enjoy an hour-long guided meditation during which you will unzip your chakra and examine the safety in which you have lived until now. You will be guided to increase your feelings of safety.
  • Once your chakra have been zipped back up the revised base of safety will affect your future.
  • The tones and sounds which come into being are in direct response to the needs of those in attendance. By creating a safe and sacred space, the crystal singing bowls allow us to lift into a state of altered consciousness where deep healing can occur.

Sound Bath

A Sound Bath of Crystal Singing Bowls:
The Sacred Sound of Unconditional Love (7:00pm—8:00pm)
  • Description:
    • Ann invites you to feel safe, accepted and loved unconditionally.
    • Ann brings over 30 Crystal Singing Bowls to create a sound bath which will be as unique as each individual who attends.
    • The tones and sounds which come into being are in direct response to the needs of those in attendance. By creating a safe and sacred space, the crystal singing bowls allow us to lift into a state of altered consciousness where deep healing can occur.
    • The group intent for joyful healing amplifies the power of the bowls and aligns our energy centers. You will experience inner peace, reduced stress and pure joy.
    • An evening of joyful harmony awaits you.
    • Bring a pillow & blanket if you would like to get cosy.

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Photos from Previous Sound Baths

These photos were taken at the Sanctuary at Unity of Savannah, Center for Spiritual Awakening

Orbs of Energy

I had seen this phenomena before in pictures taken by other people. I must admit that the idea of photo enhancement had crossed my mind. I now apologize for my doubt because I took these photos off of the camera and know that they are not enhanced in any way.

Orbs of Energy

This orb really loved the Heart bowl.

Orbs of Energy

I didn't know how blessed we were until I saw these photos.

Courses & Workshops

Four-Day Course Frequency & Sound Therapy

This intensive course is designed for practitioners who are ready to increase their theoretical knowledge of frequency and sound. The theoretical and scientific principles will provide a common base for techniques that can be interfaced with any modality. Crystal singing bowls will be used as the sample modality. Upon the completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion and will be qualified to perform the SoulZipper and SoulSong Analysis with their clients.

Why Take this Course

  • All therapy is frequency based. This course adds a sound-base modality to your current repertoire of techniques and rounds out your practice, whether your primary technique is reiki, quantum touch, massage therapy, chiropractic, psychotherapy or acupuncture. Sound and Frequency Therapy blends seamlessly with all forms of energy and healing work.
  • Ann Reeves has thirty years experience with crystal singing bowls, using them with different energetic and healing modalities. She is the largest retailer of crystal singing bowls in Canada and one of the top ten in the US. The SoulZipper and SoulSong Analysis are modalities which Ann has developed in concert with channeled information. Teaching and sharing knowledge is not only her passion; it has been her calling for many years working in the educational system with children, adolescents and adults.

Course Format

  • Each day begins with a focused meditation to establish a common group intent and frequency.
  • The meditation is followed by a variety of individual, small group and large group strategies designed to balance theory with practice and performing a treatment with receiving a treatment.
  • Groupings change to encourage maximum sharing among unique individuals.
  • All necessary tools and over 30 crystal singing bowls are available to explore and use during the course
  • Limited class size restricts distractions and encourages direct interaction.

Schedule - Two ways to take the course

Four distinct days with each day needing to be completed in sequence.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Sound Therapy
Expose the Truth
your Life Lessons
SoulSong Analysis











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Crystal Singing Bowls Canada ships crystal singing bowls throughout Canada, the United States and all over the world.
  • We serve you with integrity and experience. We have worked and played with Crystal Singing Bowls for over 25 years.
  • Our prices are the best! We've done all the research for you.
  • Some sites don't post their prices but we prefer to be upfront and consistent about our low prices.
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