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Crystal Singing Bowls Canada ships crystal singing bowls throughout Canada, the United States and all over the world.

It is our pleasure to help you manifest and find the bowl you are meant to have.

Don't forget, Source will, in the end, decide which bowl you really need. Any control we think we have is simply an illusion.

Welcome to Crystal Singing Bowls Canada

At Crystal Singing Bowls Canada we are committed to increasing the number of crystal singing bowls on the planet. Certainly this might be considered a lofty goal, but since my first bowl came to me in the 1980's the number of bowls being played has increased exponentially.

Earth Frequency

It's a scientific fact that the Earth has its own frequency. Frequency is simply the speed at which something vibrates. Everything vibrates! The measurement for frequency is called "hertz" which is simply the number of cycles per second.

Every planet in our solar system vibrates at its own individual frequency. The frequency of our solar system is comprised of all of the planets, their moons and their satelites. So you see, if the frequency of the earth changes, the change affects the solar system.

In the 1950's measurements of the Earth's frequency fluctuated between 6 -15 HZ. Fluctuations were due to occurrances such as global lightening activity. Schumann found that 7.83Hz was the most common frequency measured. In the 1990s the most common frequency is over 9Hz. The frequency of our planet is changing and is predicted to reach 13Hz within the next year.

As Above So Below

As the frequency of each solar system is comprised of the frequency of its planets and their moons and satelites, so is the frequency of communities comprised of the frequencies of the individuals within the community. It follows that the frequency of the family unit is comprised of the frequencies of the individuals within the family. Finally reaching the individual; the individual frequency is comprised of the frequencies of all the individual cells in the physical body as well as the individual frequencies of each of the etheric bodies.

So you can see that if we can raise our own individual frequency, we ultimately affect the frequency of not only our planet but All That Is.

How do we change our individual frequency?

We enter this physical plane with a frequency which reflects any trauma from previous lives and the lessons we need to learn during our existence.

Our individual frequency draws to us circumstances which match our frequency, providing us with opportunities to learn and change our frequency (hopefully higher). As long as we don't change our frequency, we will continue to draw the same lessons to us, just in different forms. These lessons, if you don't pay attention the first time, intensify each time and will gradually be likened to a baseball bat in order to get our attention. Like most people, I've had a number of these types of lessons. They are painful and after a while, I became more aware and able to see the lessons prior to them becoming a "baseball bat".

Learning our life lessons is only one way we can raise our frequency. Any time we feel joy or love we also raise our frequency. Meditation also will raise our frequency (if you don't start out your meditation in joy and love, the meditation will take you there).

Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls

The vibration of Tibetan bowls doesn’t penetrate our bodies in the same way as Crystal bowls because we have very little metal in our bodies. Quartz is a vibrational transmitter. It is used as a transmitter in almost all of our technologies. When you add the vibration of gemstones, metals or minerals, the crystal amplifies the vibrational consciousness of the infusion into our cellular knowing. Consider how running your finger around the edge of a crystal glass full of water makes it ring and the water itself shift. We have such a high percentage of water in our body and our bones have a crystalline structure that the crystal creates an entrainment between sound and body. We are primed to receive the vibration that crystal bowls create in our bodies. Because we are primed to receive their sound, they can evoke true transformation. Crystal singing bowls create the opportunity to experience a deeper state of relaxation and consciousness. We connect and awaken our own inner healer. When working through emotions or challenges the alchemy bowls things seem to accelerate the shift.

Crystal Singing Bowls Canada

This is where we come in. At Crystal Singing Bowls Canada, we believe that the more bowls that are played, the more joy and love there will be on the planet. As individuals play their bowls and raise their own frequency, so they raise the frequency of those around them, and thus, the frequency of the planet. We, at Crystal Singing Bowls Canada, are honoured to help in our small way.

Crystal Singing Bowls Canada ships crystal singing bowls throughout Canada, the United States and all over the world.
  • We serve you with integrity and experience. We have worked and played with Crystal Singing Bowls for over 30 years.
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