Day 3: Practitioner SoulSong Analysis

Prerequisites for this Workshop:

  • Frequency & Sound, Crystal Singing Bowls & Your Life Lessons
  • Practitioner SoulZipper
  • Please bring your laptop to this workshop.

As a Practitioner:

  • Do you work on clients using intuition? Of course you do, intuition is a skill you have befriended. However, clients who come to you must be able to trust your intuition and this is very difficult for most of them. After all, they are coming to you because they don’t trust their own intuition. This lack of trust makes it difficult for a client to commit to the work necessary to move forward.
  • The SoulSong Analysis is a tool which will increase the commitment of the client. It provides scientific and visible information about their life lessons. The client’s commitment to the process will increase exponentially when the evidence is visible to them and the process can be evaluated.
  • Practitioners will need to bring a laptop. During this workshop we will
    • Load the computer program SoulSong Analysis
    • View a demonstration of the application
    • Perform and experience the SoulSong Analysis
  • By the end of the workshop
    • Each practitioner will receive a license to use the program on one computer with one practitioner.
    • Will receive the necessary training and tools and will be qualified to perform the SoulSong Analysis with their clients
    • Will be eligible for 1 hour computer support (just in case you get home and have forgotten something).
  • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing their training and enabling them to perform the SoulSong Analysis with clients.

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Cost: $500
Deposit to reserve your space: $150. Call Ann to arrange payment.
Balance: $350 is due on day of workshop.
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Cancellation Policy: Let's not manifest but, if something comes up, please call and let me know.