Day 2: Practitioner SoulZipper

Prerequisites for this Workshop:

  • Frequency & Sound, Crystal Singing Bowls & Your Life Lessons

As a Practitioner:

    • Participants will have experienced the SoulZipper as a client in Day 1 and will continue with a hands-on approach as they shift to practitioner mode in Day 2.
    • This workshop will provide the in-depth knowledge and background information necessary to perform the SoulZipper with clients. We will cover topics such as:
        • Touchstones and lessons of our physical existence
        • Chakra system and Energy Fields (aura)
        • Techniques for working with the chakra system
        • Group Meditations and Sound Baths
        • Soul Coaching
        • Client/Practitioner Relationship
      • Integrating the principles of the SoulZipper into your existing practice
    • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing their training and enabling them to perform the SoulZipper with clients.

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Cost: $150
Workshops fill up quickly so it is advisable to reserve your place as soon as possible.
Please contact Ann (519 433-1458) or by email if any questions.
Cancellation Policy: Let's not manifest but, if something comes up, please call and let me know.