Day 1: Frequency & Sound, Crystal Singing Bowls & Your Life Lessons

This workshop can be taken as a stand-alone class or as Day 1 of the Three-Day Workshop.

  • Regardless of the energy modality you prefer, this class will provide you with experience and knowledge which will be applicable.
  • During the day we will:
    • Compare a variety of energy-based frequency-based modalities
    • Analyze and play with over 30 classic and alchemy crystal singing bowls
    • Experiment and distinguish between crystal singing bowls, comparing how different sizes and different intents create different effects
    • Apply the principles of harmony and true tone to our personal journey of healing
    • Demonstrate how we can measure the harmony and true tone that exists within our chakra - one person will experience the SoulSong Analysis
    • Identify and diagnose the relationship between our chakra and the lessons we have chosen to learn in this lifetime
    • Experience the SoulZipper which allows us to change our lens of truth. As we adjust inner truths we integrate the life lessons into our living on this physical plane.
  • This class is an immersive and intensive experience designed to blend the science-based knowledge of frequency and sound therapy with practical techniques and modalities.
  • During the day participants will work with a variety of bowls to apply their knowledge and increase their understanding of frequency and sound therapy.

This workshop is offered on the following dates. Contact Ann Reeves 519 433-1458  to reserve a place.

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Cost: $250

Workshops fill up quickly so it is advisable to reserve your place as soon as possible.
Please contact Ann (519 433-1458) or by email if any questions.
Cancellation Policy: Let's not manifest but, if something comes up, please call and let me know.