Sound Bath of Crystal Singing Bowls

The Sacred Sound of Unconditional Love

  • Description:
    • We invite you to feel safe, accepted and loved unconditionally.
    • Ann brings a variety of Crystal Singing Bowls and creates a sound bath which will be as unique as each individual who attends.
    • The tones and sounds which come into being are in direct response to the needs of those in attendance. By creating a safe and sacred space, the crystal singing bowls allow us to lift into a state of altered consciousness where deep healing can occur.
    • The group intent for joyful healing amplifies the power of the bowls and aligns our energy centers. You will experience inner peace, reduced stress and pure joy.
    • An hour of joyful harmony awaits you.
    • A pillow, blanket & yoga mat will help you get cosy.

If Sound Baths have been scheduled the dates will follow. If you would like to host a Sound Bath, click here to send an email. If there are scheduled events, click on the name in order to reserve a place.

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    Cost: $25
    Please contact Ann (519 433-1458) or by email if any questions.
    Cancellation Policy: Let's not manifest but, if something comes up, please call and let me know.