Four-Day Course Frequency & Sound Therapy

This intensive course is designed for practitioners who are ready to increase their theoretical knowledge of frequency and sound.  The theoretical and scientific principles will provide a common base for techniques that can be interfaced with any modality.  Crystal singing bowls will be used as the sample modality. Upon the completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion and will be qualified to perform the SoulZipper and SoulSong Analysis with their clients.

Why Take this Course

  • All therapy is frequency based. This course adds a sound-base modality to your current repertoire of techniques and rounds out your practice, whether your primary technique is reiki, quantum touch, massage therapy, chiropractic, psychotherapy or acupuncture. Sound and Frequency Therapy blends seamlessly with all forms of energy and healing work.
  • Ann Reeves has thirty years experience with crystal singing bowls, using them with different energetic and healing modalities. She is the largest retailer of crystal singing bowls in Canada and one of the top ten in the US. The SoulZipper and SoulSong Analysis are modalities which Ann has developed in concert with channeled information. Teaching and sharing knowledge is not only her passion; it has been her calling for many years while working in the educational system with children, adolescents and adults.

Course Format:

  • Each day begins with a focused meditation to establish a common group intent and frequency.
  • The meditation is followed by a variety of individual, small group and large group strategies designed to balance theory with practice and performing a treatment with receiving a treatment.
  • Groupings change to encourage maximum sharing among unique individuals.
  • All necessary tools and over 30 crystal singing bowls are available to explore and use during the course.
  • Limited class size restricts distractions and encourages direct interaction.

Scheduling:There are two ways to take this course

  • The course is available as four distinct days with each day needing to be completed in sequence as each day builds on the previous.
    • Day 1:Frequency & Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls:
      This workshop is a perfect way to understand the relationship between frequencies and healing. Regardless of your preferred modality, this day will provide the logical connections you need for an in-depth understanding of “why it works”. Clients who come to you for help will reflect a greater comfort level as your knowledge and ability to explain “why it works” instills confidence and understanding. This day will be an immersive and intensive experience designed to blend the science-based knowledge of frequency and sound therapy with practical techniques and modalities. During the day you will work with a variety of bowls to apply your learnings and increase understanding of frequency and sound therapy.
      Cost: $150
      Available Dates:

        • No Events
    • Day 2: Expose the Truth of your Life Lessons:
      Do you wonder why those life lessons keep coming around? This workshop will help you understand the relationship between the chakra energy centres and the life lessons you are meant to learn. With this awareness comes the understanding of why the lessons keep returning, and how to break the cycle of returning lessons.
      Cost: $150
      Available Dates:

        • No Events
    • Day 3: Practitioner SoulZipper:
      After experiencing Day 1 and Day 2, this workshop will allow you to incorporate the SoulZipper into your own practice, allowing a much deeper experience for your clients. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing their training and enabling them to perform the SoulZipper with clients.
      Cost: $150
      Available Dates:

        • No Events
    • Day 4: Practitioner SoulSong Analysis:
      The program SoulSong Analysis analyses the voice and identifies the frequencies in the body. Days 1, 2 & 3 learnings are used to interpret the frequencies with the life lessons.  This will increase understanding for clients, resulting in a greater commitment to change for your clients. Participants will need to bring a laptop to the workshop. They will install the program, SoulSong Analysis and receive training in its use and interpretation. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing their training and enabling them to perform the SoulSong Analysis with clients.
      Cost: $500 (Deposit ($150) required. Please contact Ann at 519 433-1458 to arrange payment.)
      Available Dates:TBA

        • No Events

Location: Crystal Singing Bowls Canada, 1606 McClure Dr, London ON

Courses fill up quickly so it is advisable to sign up as soon as possible.
Cancellation Policy: Let's not manifest  but, if something comes up, please call and let me know.