Path to Peace

There is so much fear in this world and there is a never ending list of ways in which it is displayed but it often comes down to the need to believe oneself to be worthy.

We all have a set of beliefs which form our "Truth". This "Truth" is the base for all our actions. However, truth is not absolute. Truth is based upon our perception and changes constantly as we change our perceptions. Think about what you believed to be true as a four-year old and how that has changed and how that has continued to change. "Truth" is neither right nor wrong, it is simply a lens through which we see and react to the world.

We all know that change is not easy and the first reaction to change is often digging our heels in to maintain the status quo.
The more that our "Truth" comes from fear the more difficult it is to change our "Truth"and the more we dig in our heels. The degree to which our "Truth" is based upon fear defines how extreme will be the actions we will use to defend the status quo of our perception.

Our second reaction to change is to look externally for something that supports our "Truth". During this process we challenge those with a different "Truth". Our intent is to make them conform and support our "Truth", thus providing validation. We use words like "politically correct" to minimize any "Truth" that differs from our own. This can be a very frustrating process when coming from a "Truth" based on fear. Instead of looking internally and spiritually, seeing ourselves as part of a whole, coming from a "Truth" based on fear increases our feelings of being alone and leads us to see everyone else as a threat to our very survival.

Skinheads, KKK, Islamic Extremists, Christian Extremists - the list goes on and on; groups of individuals who have come together in the common belief that their "Truth" is at risk and must be defended to the death. But don't be misled, on a scale of 1-10 these groups are the 10. Everyone is on the scale to some degree. Comments on Facebook which mock others, which exclude others or which imply judgement are all examples of how we express and defend our "Truth".

Unconditional love and acceptance - I'm sure that there are some who can express this 100% of the time, but most of us fight to do it on a regular basis. If we could hear with unconditional love and acceptance we would be less likely to take offence. If we could express ourselves (whether verbally, or with body language or written word) with unconditional love and acceptance we can be at peace with ourselves and that, my friends, is the beginning of Peace on Earth.