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Crystal Singing Bowls Canada ships crystal singing bowls throughout Canada, the United States and all over the world.

It is our pleasure to help you manifest and find the bowl you are meant to have.

Don't forget, Source will, in the end, decide which bowl you really need. Any control we think we have is simply an illusion.

Divine Kryon Alchemy©

Precious Gemstones

Multidimensional Channel
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Divine Kryon Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl
The Multi-dimensions of The Divine Kryon Alchemy Bowl©

In this beautiful, quantum music (created by Crystal Tones), there are vibrations that create energies that literally speak to the Akash and will come together in a certain way to create a language of the soul... and the Human Being will ask, 'What does it do?' "

This was as Kryon explained it in the Laguna Hills (November 29, 2009) Channel. "You cannot ask linear questions about quantum things..."

Keeping that in mind, here is the closest to linearities you can get about the Kryon Bowl:

  • The Divine Kryon Bowl harmonizes you with the Kryon Channel for further integration of the Kryon Information allowing you to become an inter-dimensional portal of Kryon.
  • Functions as a Kryon decoder -to be used while listening to the channels to open you further into the quantum dimensions that simultaneously are delivered along with the spoken 3rd-dimensional words.
  • Kryon: “There would be those who would say this, that the transition was too quick..” The Bowl serves as a portal by activating the light within your cells to accelerate your ability to connect to the other side of the veil.
  • Kryon: “The essence of what is being created with a singing bowl is that which is a mini-portal, and that is the truth. And if you've heard them played around you, you know what I mean. Indeed, they soothe your soul, don't they?”

Available as a single Bowl, Binaural Beat Dual Set, Harmonic Trinity Set or a 7 Bowl Chakra Set.

The alchemy:

Starting with our Special High Grade Pure USA-Sourced Quartz, we add Apophyllite, Morganite (Pink Emerald), Moldavite, Golden Topaz (Imperial Topaz), Indigo, Platinum, and Silver.


Currency Exchange

While I try to keep these prices current, the exchange rate seems to change very quickly. In the spirit of fair exchange I will do the best I can to keep my Canadian prices as low as possible, knowing that you will not expect me to maintain a price which will commit me to pay for your bowl.

Thank you for understanding.

Cdn Prices

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Special Bowls from Crystal Tones

Bowls 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" 12"
$4050 $4860 $5400 $5810 $7160 $8780
Practitioner Bowls 6" 7" 8" 9"    
$4730 $5540 $6080 $6620    

Other Charges you should know about:

  • Prices are in Cdn Dollars and do not include shipping charges.
  • The shipper, Fedex, will collect the sales tax upon delivery. (Crystal Singing Bowls Canada does not charge the sales tax as it is too complicated differentiating between the various provinces and countries to which we ship.)
  • The shipper charges a fee for clearing the bowl through customs. This will also be collected upon delivery.
  • US Prices

    For prices in US dollars, click here.

    Crystal Tones

    Special Bowls from Crystal Tones

    Made in USA
    Bowls 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" 12"
    $2700 $3240 $3600 $3870 $4770 $5850
    Practitioner Bowls 6" 7" 8" 9"    
    $3150 $3690 $4050 $4410    
    Prices are in US Dollars and do not include shipping charges.
    Due to a high demand which results in scarcity, there is a surcharge for F, F#, and True Tone bowls.
    Crystal Singing Bowls Canada ships crystal singing bowls throughout Canada, the United States and all over the world.
    • We serve you with integrity and experience. We have worked and played with Crystal Singing Bowls for over 30 years.
    • Our prices are the best! We've done all the research for you.
    • Some sites don't post their prices but we prefer to be upfront and consistent about our low prices.
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